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Under Sink Filtration System

Expert Under Sink Filtration Systems

If you are looking for an under sink filtration system in Broward or Palm Beach Counties, you have come to the right place! Trust Rooter is highly respected as a drinking water expert. 

Why Your Small Fixtures Need Filtered Water

We might feel blessed that we have portable, clean water from public supplies. Yet what appears so clean, is not exactly clean as one might think.

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Public water often contains minerals like magnesium and calcium, and chemicals with amounts of fluoride or chloride, and several others. Though this water is not bad in themselves, these additives could add strange textures and tastes to the water and make it harsh on hair, skin, dishes, and clothing. To avoid this, systems for water filtration are needed in homes.

Plumber installing under sink filtration system

You can get rid of unsafe water installing a reverse osmosis filter

Our expert team at TRUST ROOTER can install a system for water filtration so you can get water that is truly clear and clean in your home.

Use of store-bought gallons and bottles of filtered water can be cost-draining and one might end up having so much plastic in the house. You can, however, reduce cost and plastic waste while getting to enjoy safe water. TRUST ROOTER installs filtration systems of a wide range. We can assist you to select the right filtration system that fits your budget and needs!

Which Filtration System Should You Get?

Water filtration setups for your homes are of two types: the whole-home and the point-of-use systems. The whole-home system filters water for the entire home to ensure that there is water, quality enough to drink, at every appliance or tap in the home. Point-of-use filtration systems provide clean water, but in smaller quantities and at just one point, which is usually the kitchen sink.

What system should you obtain? Though whole-home filtration has its benefits, the truth is that it is not meant for everyone. This is because they are by far, a more expensive method, and they take up larger space. Installation on main water lines is needed because they filter the entire water used by the home. However, the system is durable, long-lasting, and requires no media changes or tank swaps.


A smaller system is the point-of-use system that simply is attached to the central water system, as your washing machine or ice maker does. The system filters and stores water in smaller vessels until it is needed, usually distributing it through an attached small tap. The reverse osmosis device installed in the kitchen, under the sink is the commonest example of point-of-use filtration systems.

Consider that we have hard water in Broward and Palm Beach, it becomes easy to see why you need a filtration system for your water. These systems reduce the wearing and tearing of water-based appliances and lead to a lower rate of energy usage. Best of all, they provide great-tasting and safe cooking and drinking water.

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

A reverse osmosis system gives you clean water without relying on tap or bottled water,  filtration is highly regarded as the most convenient and effective method on the market for purifying drinking water. It works at the molecular level to eliminate up to 99% of common impurities and dangerous contaminants from water, such as chemicals, bacteria, metal, dirt and other organic compounds.

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