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Whole House Water Filtrations System

Whole House Water Filtration System Experts

When you need whole house water filtration systems in Broward or Palm Beach counties, you should call the experts at Trust Rooter. We are water experts and can help you resolve any water quality issue you may have. Is fetching water right from the tap your ideal thing? Our professionals at TRUST ROOTER are at your service to get your water filters installed. Reach us via our hotline today at (833) 346-8787. View our coupon selections if you are interested in money-saving opportunities available online.

A person needs to drink a minimum of half the content of their body weight daily in safe and clean water. Through the installation of a water filter system, iron, calcium, sediment, tannins, minerals as well as other form of impurities will be effectively removed. Thus, supplying you with safe and pure tap water.

Benefits of whole house water filtration systems

Unclean and unpurified water can prove to be harmful to your health, the piping system as well as other plumbing appliances in the home. Our team at TRUST ROOTER will be glad to help make sure that you get the most from installing a water filter system in your home. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain:

  • 24/7 clean water access for you and your household.
  • Securing your health by removing chlorine and other toxic materials from the running water
  • It is cost-effective in the long run as it offers a cheaper solution to purchasing bottled water
  • Feel-good factor from the knowledge that you are drinking clean water
  • Extending the life span of your appliances, making them last longer and work better since they do not have to process hard water.
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Water Filter System that will suit your needs

There are many different types of whole house water filtration systems in the market at present. These include:

  • Carbon filters– These water filters attract positively charged particles within the filter system to the negatively charged particles to neutralize them.
  • Reverse Osmosis– Using a special filter, the water filter eliminates particles and radioactive elements that cannot be easily handled by other purification systems.
  • Three Stage Filters– This filter system first takes hold of a large particle using a sediment filter made from cellulose. Then chlorine is transformed into chloride by a zinc and copper filter. The final step is the filtration of tiny microscopic particles using carbon.
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Determining if hard water is what you have at home

To be sure that the water in your home falls under the ‘hard water’ category, you have to taste it. The taste of hard water is not pleasant and mineral-filled. Here are some other notable ways to know if you have hard water in the house. They include:

  • The regular breakdown of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. This is because of the extra strain put on these appliances, leading them to malfunction and easily breakdown.
  • Filmy white stains on the appliances and fixtures around the home. If you do observe a white film after running out of water on your faucet, shower, sinks or tubs, it likely indicates that your water supply is hard.
  • Dry skin or hair, even after making use of moisturizers and conditioners are likely as a result of making use of hard water.

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Reason why you need a water softening system.

The good news is that every hard water issue encountered in the home can be quickly and efficiently handled with the use of a water softening system. The water softening system houses specific filters, which eliminates the minerals causing hard water. The smell of chlorine as well as other chemicals that pollute water is removed by the installation of a whole-home water system. It is followed by the reduction of lead, mercury, microbial cyst, mercury, and agricultural runoff. The water softeners are the best options in eliminating hard water since they can take effect before the water gets into your home and appliances.


Why Should You Choose TRUST ROOTER?

We will efficiently handle all the work relating to your water filter system when you reach out to us. Our friendly reception is one of our strongest endearing factors. Here are some of the benefits we offer you:

  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Result delivery
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

To book for the installation of a new home water filter system in Palm Beach and Broward, Fl, please give us a call today at (833) 346-8787  and you can rest assured that you will get refreshing, pure and clean tap water you so crave for.