Why Use A Sewer Line Inspection Camera?

The sewer line inspection cameras are built specifically to inspect pipelines and pipes that are difficult to access. The waterproof-built video camera snakes are taken through underground pipes, behind walls, beneath foundations of buildings as well as concretes to carry out its operations. With the aid of this technology, guesswork is eliminated in solving piping issues.

How the Sewer-line inspection Camera operates

A professionally trained specialist from TRUST ROOTER inserts a flexible rod, which is equipped with an HD video camera into the pipe. The high definition camera can travel well into the pipe with the aid of the flexible rod while video signals are relayed to a monitor. The technician who further records the inspection digitally for future referencing inspects the entire length of the pipeline.

To illuminate the pipes and reveal clog sources, cracks as well as other structural problems, the camera snakes are fully equipped with LED lights. The precise locations of obstructions and defects in the pipe are recorded by a radio transmitter, which is found inside the camera. This ensures the accurate detection and diagnosis of any issue as well as offer the best repair and cost-effective solutions to customers.

Plumber running a sewer video inspection and drain locating

What issues can be traced using the sewer line camera?

The sewer line camera ensures that the technician detects any problem associated with the pipe. These include cracks, corrosion, punctures, misaligned pipe sections, and root intrusion, etc. The sewer line camera will also identify leaks, obstructions as well as the buildup of grease. To ensure that the pipeline is thoroughly cleaned and repaired, a video inspection is conducted as follow-up.

When you should employ the use of a sewer-line camera to inspect your pipes ?

If you experience repeated clogs, slow drains or drain line backups, the sewer-line inspection camera is just right for you. In addition, prospective homeowners or realtors often benefit from conducting video inspections of pipes by experts before making a home purchase. Such inspections will decide if the sewer lines are problem-free from issues that will result in expensive repairs in the future.

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