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Tankless Water Heater Installation And Repair

Expert Tankless water heater installation And Repair

How Often Does a Tankless Hot Water Heater Need Maintenance

Tankless water heater maintenance is a must and should be done at least once a year. Also commonly referred to as an on-demand water heater, the tankless hot water heater may need maintenance every six months if your water heater is set to a high temperature or if you have hard water.

Investing in a tankless hot water heater is an excellent way to reduce related energy costs and enjoy the benefit of a steady supply of hot water on demand. However, as amazing as a tankless hot water heater can be for you and your family, you don’t want to overlook the importance of preventive maintenance

plumber maintenance on a tankless water heater.

Do Tankless Hot Water Heaters Need Maintenance?

Over time, a tankless hot water heater can accumulate minerals that can build up on and erode the walls inside your tank’s heating chamber. To properly maintain and clean your tankless hot water heater, you must flush and remove the mineral deposits from your tank at least once per year

Flushing a tankless hot water heater on a regular basis could be the single most important task in keeping your unit running at peak performance. Failure to flush your tankless can result in a reduced service life and unnecessary fuel expenses. Although, we highly recommend having a professional check your unit annually, the flushing task is not too difficult and can save you money if you do it yourself.

How to Flush a Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater

Some manufacturers provide Isolation Valves with Service Ports for their units. Other manufacturers leave the decision up to the plumber who is installing the tankless water heater. If your tankless water heater does not have Isolation Valves with Service Ports we strongly recommend contacting a TRUST ROOTER plumbing services to have them installed

What are the benefits of tankless hot water heaters?

There are more than a few benefits to a tankless hot water heater, some are obvious and others not so much. We will try to list them here so that when the time comes to make a decision on whether or not to opt for this type of system you can be fully informed.

Space saver – If you have ever had a tank-type water heater on your property you already know they can be enormous. So needless to say they take up a lot of valuable living or storage space especially if they inhabit one of your closets. The tankless design simply mounts on a wall and is usually less than 1 foot deep as well. 

Smaller lighter design – A tank-type water heater stores the water to be heated in a tank and water plain and simple is heavy, so you better have a good strong floor to support that unit. White tankless only heats water as needed so it is much lighter overall.

Economical – Tank-type water heaters store water and keep it heated all the time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That can be expensive especially if you have an electric unit. The tankless unit makes hot water on demand, so while idle nothing is wasted and if your property uses very little hot water, the savings can be enormous. 

Never run out of hot water again – How many times are you the second to take a shower only to find out there is no more hot water? Nothing can be worse than a cold shower. A tankless water heater heats it on demand so it never runs out of hot water. That alone is worth the price of admission.

If you think you are ready to step up to a tankless hot water heater in Broward or Palm Beach counties, give Trust Rooter a call. We will install a unit that should meet all the needs of your property and always at the right price.