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Water Heater Installation and Repair

Expert Water Heater Installation and Repair

When you need an expert water heater installation and repair company, call Trust Rooter. We are one of the top water heater companies in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.  Are your showers getting cold, and are your energy bills getting higher? Well, it may simply be down to your water heating system. Changing your water heater may be due. But to get the very most of a new system, it must be correctly installed. Scalding temperatures, fire outbreak or water damage are some of the consequences of the incorrect installation of a water heating system. This is more reason why you need to employ the services of professional plumbers who have an in-depth knowledge of your plumbing system to get the job done for you.

For reliable and safe installation of your water heating system, reach out to your local plumber TRUST ROOTER.

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Our Water Heater Installation Services

What Does It Cost To Install A Water Heating System?

 The cost of installing a water heating system is determined by different factors, which include the configuration of your present plumbing system as well as the type of heater you are installing. Over here, our pricing system encompasses a flat-rate, up-front pricing that gives you a great bargaining position. We are your water heater installation and repair experts!  You can also reach out to us by calling (954) 707-6556.
Water heater Installation and Repair

Choosing a water heater

Selecting a water heating system is not as easy as it once was. Technological advancement has given many options to cover different budgets, household sizes as well as energy sources. Modern water heating systems are much better than older ones as they are more efficient, easier to service and more durable. To help you make a decision, some different water heating systems are discussed below.

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Tips for Purchasing a Water Heating System

You have to decide the best water heating system that suits you. To do just that, here are some factors to consider

Unlike electric water heaters that are plugged to the electric supply of the house, gas water heating systems make use of natural gas or propane in heating water. Find out the cost of these appliances in your locality to learn what you can afford. Your choice should also be guided by your existing utilities.

There are different sizes of heaters with different capacity ratings. To make your purchasing decision, you have to look at the water heater sizing and quantity of water needed by your household. Is hot water used averagely or a little extra is needed?

Hybrid and traditional water heating systems take up much space when compared to tankless water systems. You also have to consider the available installation space when deciding the type of heating system to go for.

40 gallos water heater installation

Choosing the right water heating system

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric and gas water heating system:

The electric water heating systems are a preferable choice for homes not running on the use of gas. These heating system types are easy to install and maintain. Still, they are more expensive to run and recover at a slower rate when compared to gas.

Water heating systems running on gas are cheaper to run in the long-term. They take lesser time to reheat water after depletion than electric systems but cannot be vented inside. Their up-front cost is also higher.

The number of persons living in your household will determine the size of the water heater needed by you. Its manufacturer provides a guideline for a heating unit. A 50-gallon heater should typically fit a family with four members.

Deciding if the heater is large enough should not be solely based on its capacity. The first-hour rating should also be considered as well. This rating informs you of the amount of water that will be heated within a particular time. When looking for a unit to purchase, ensure that you ask about the first-hour rating

Choosing a tankless water heating system

The tankless water heating system is compact, making them the preferred choice of homeowners. In addition, they are more efficient as they do not have a storage tank and their hot water supply is endless. Tankless water heating systems are available in both gas and electric models, hence all you have to do is to find the one that suits your home and matches your utility bills.

Deciding on a Traditional Water heater

After landing the right size of the traditional heating system as earlier discussed, you have to decide on what energy source you want to use. This should depend mainly on the source supplying the appliances in your house at present. So, if you do not make use of natural gas or propane to power up your appliances at present, you should choose the electric heating system as its installation cost is cheaper.

Point of use

These hot water systems deliver water to just one sink or faucet. They are suitable for tiny homes, regions where hot water plumbing is expensive, and utility rooms.

Plumbing removing a hot water heater
Choosing a hybrid water heater

Although hybrid heaters are more efficient, they have a higher up-front cost than their counterpart does. These heating systems are designed to suit climate-controlled rooms as well as warmer climates. In addition, their maintenance can get complex as they are designed with moving parts. They require much space and their filters require to be cleaned regularly.

Professional installation of a water heating system

After making your choice on the heating system you want to purchase, call TRUST ROOTER for its installation or any residential plumbing services. You can rest assured that every installation procedure will be well taken care of as well as total compliance to the building codes for efficient and reliable water heater installation and repairs.  Our number is (954) 707-6556.

This blog is made for educational purposes only to give the reader general information and a general understanding on. Check with city and state laws before performing any household project.