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Whole House Flood Protection System

Whole House Flood Protection with water leak automatic main valve shut off

The time to get a whole house flood protection system is not after you have a pipe leak that causes major damage. The time to think about it is right now or at least before it actually happens to you. The fact is plumbing leaks cause damage to the billions each and every year. 

Many homeowners are not even aware the technology exists to help them avoid this type of catastrophe. The system utilizes an auto-shutoff valve when a leak is detected to stop the flow of water into the property, thereby eliminating or reducing the problem altogether. 

You probably haven’t thought about it, but floods are not restricted only to heavy torrential rains, typhoons, broken levees, and the like. Water bursts in homes such as from failed pumps, sewer backups, and hoses in washing machines can actually cause small-scale floods within homes. These forms of unforeseen water influx can cause severe damage.

Plumber Installin main water shut off
Valve compleate valve house protection

Every home has a plumbing network with pipes connected to a central water supply, and other fixtures, tubes, appliances, or fixtures found connected to or within it. These are however susceptible to failure or damage. Upon failure, especially when there is wear and tear, water will be forced to go out of the damaged areas into the home, causing damage to almost everything it comes across – furniture, floors, and belongings, including those which are of significant monetary or sentimental value and may be irreplaceable. Equipment and machines made by men often fail and only little can be done to prevent related accidents. However, there are relatively inexpensive methods of preventing or mitigating the damage which could result from the unchecked flow of water during such incidents. Check one of the best smart valves you can use.

Complete Flood House Protection

It is important to know that after discovering a major leak, the first thing to do is to turn off the water in that channel until the leak is repaired. It would not be an entirely bad idea to turn off the central water supply each time you leave home. But you should choose the better option of regular checks and timely ways of ensuring whole house prevention of plumbing system failure. Call or contact us (833) 346-8787 to book a complete house protection plumbing service by TRUST ROOTER.

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