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Emergency Water Leak Repair Service

If you need a water leak repair service or an emergency pipe burst repair, you have come to the right place. Trust Rooter is the premier company in Broward and Palm Beach counties for pipe bursts. Did your pipe just burst? You do not have to panic. The plumbing professionals at TRUST ROOTER are available all-round the clock to deliver same-day services including clean-ups and fixing burst pipes. Call us today at (954) 707-6556 to schedule and book an appointment.

Handling a burst pipe that took you by surprise can be extremely stressful and messy. Sadly, leak repairs of a burst pipe is one of the common plumbing emergencies that take place in a household. It requires next to immediate attention as it can escalate the scope of the damage. Our experts at TRUST ROOTERS are available to assist homeowners in Palm Beach County and Broward with pipe leak replacements and repairs.

Burst Pipes Causes in South Florida?

Collapsed Pipe:

A construction taking place nearby your home and other environmental factors may lead to the collapse of a pipe. Pipes may rupture when the weight upon them is increased as a result of shifting soil. If a construction is taking place around you, do well to notify the site workers of the location of your sewer and water pipes.


Homes built before the 70s may have still pipes that tend to flake off and become brittle with time. If your house still has such pipes, you should replace them as soon as possible. Regular inspection of your pipes will go a long way in maintaining your plumbing system.

Call a leakage repair contractor as soon as possible if you have a burst pipe.

Determining if you need to repair a burst pipe

There is a thin line between a slight inconvenience and an out-blown issue. What side of the line you fall is up to you. Knowing the right time to contact a plumbing water leak repair professional in Palm Beach or Broward will make the difference. First, you have to know the symptoms to help you diagnose a burst pipe. They include:

Reach out to us at once if you suspect a pipe leak for our expert water leak repair


We guarantee:

That you will receive the best service in handling your burst pipe leakage issues if you do contact us.

We are result-driven:

No task is insignificant or too big for us. Hence, we take all our projects seriously and get results. Our team is available at all times to attend to any plumbing emergency that may arise.

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You can rest assured that you will be satisfied after we treat your issue. To find out more, call us right away

Emergency service burts water line
Flat-rate pricing:

We offer competitive rates at a flat price to suit your needs, even if the job exceeds the expected time.

Call us right now if you suspect a pipe leakage around your home. For immediate detection of water leakages in Palm Beach and Broward County, you can contact us at (954) 707-6556 to speak to an expert.