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calendarFeb 14,2023

Why Dripping Faucets Shouldn’t Be Ignored

The kitchen sink is one of the plumbing fixtures that homeowners take for granted until a problem arises. We rely on the sinks in our homes nearly every day to wash dishes, prepare meals, and clean up. The repeated use can lead to different kinds of problems, including leaks. Having a dripping sink is a frustrating experience, as it can bring daily household tasks such as washing dishes to a grinding halt.

A dripping sink needs attention as soon as possible to prevent bigger and more expensive problems like water damage, mold growth, and a skyrocketing water bill. Although a dripping sink may not seem like a big deal, leaving it unaddressed can turn out to be costly in the long run. At Trust Rooter, we specialize in sink repair, faucet repair, leak repair, and many other plumbing services. Therefore, we understand the consequences of leaving water leaks unaddressed. In this article, we will outline the reasons why you should get your dripping sink fixed.

What Are The Possible Causes Of A Dripping Sink?

If you’re dealing with a dripping sink, below are some of the reasons it might be happening.

  • Damaged O-ring
  • Corroded valve seat
  • A worn-out washer
  • Loose water supply connection
  • Loose P-trap
  • Drain leak
  • Excessive water pressure

Reasons to Fix a Dripping Sink As Soon As Possible

Potential Damage to Your Home

The leak from your sink can cause the area under the sink to rot away and create a thriving environment for mold growth. If you don’t take action in a timely manner, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on structural repairs and mold removal. Therefore, it’s advisable to call a nearby plumber at the first sign of a dripping sink.

Save On Your Water Bill

A dripping sink that drips once every second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. It might seem as though it’s no big deal, but the reality is that a dripping sink can end up costing you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. The sooner you get a dripping sink fixed, the more you’ll save on your water bill.

The Leak Could Get Worse

A dripping sink that goes unrepaired for long will only get bigger, since the change in water pressure can put a lot of pressure on the leak area, causing it to expand. Fixing the leak as soon as it’s detected will save you money.

Need Sink Repair In Your Home Or Business? Call Trust Rooter

If your sink is dripping and you’re looking for a professional plumber to fix it, get in touch with Trust Rooter. Fixing a dripping sink on your own can be tricky if you don’t have the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment. It’s always a good idea to leave the job to professional plumbers. Trust Rooter is a professional plumbing company serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Some of the plumbing services we offer include sink repair, faucet repair, drain cleaning, sewer drain repair, dishwasher installation, water heater installation, backflow preventer repair and installation, emergency plumbing service, and many more.

Do You Need a Local Plumber in Broward and Palm Beach Counties? Reach Out to Trust Rooter Today!

Trust Rooter is a professional plumbing company that has built a reputation for offering reliable residential and commercial plumbing services. From drain cleaning to water heater maintenance, garbage disposal repair, water leak repair, faucet repair, and sewer drain repair, Trust Rooter is your go-to plumbing company for all of your plumbing needs.


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