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calendarJun 16,2024

What to Do with a Burst Water Main

A homeowner's worst dread can be the result of a burst water main, which can result in substantial water damage and expensive repairs. Knowing what to do instantly can assist in minimizing the damage and restoring your home to its original state as quickly as feasible.

In this blog post, our professionals from Trust Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning will provide a comprehensive guide on what steps to take when facing a burst water main.

Turn Off the Water Supply

The initial and most critical stage is to interrupt the primary water supply to your residence. Locate the main shut-off valve, which is usually found in the basement, garage, or outside near the foundation. The water supply will be interrupted to prevent additional flooding and water damage. If you are uncertain about the valve's location, it is advisable to locate it at this time to ensure that you are adequately prepared for an emergency.

Call a Professional Plumber

Once the water supply is turned off, the next step is to call a professional. An experienced plumbing service can promptly evaluate the situation and initiate the required repairs, as time is of the essence. Ensure that you provide a detailed account of the extent of the breach and any current worries you may have when contacting a plumber. A professional service will often offer instant assistance for situations like these, ensuring a plumber arrives promptly.

Assess and Record the Damage

Assess the extent of the damage caused by the burst water main while you await the plumber's arrival. It will be beneficial for insurance purposes to document the damage with photographs and notes. Avoid any areas with standing water to prevent the risk of electrical shock or injury while moving through your residence.

Remove Excess Water

If it is safe to do so, commence the process of removing any excess water using a wet/dry vacuum, mops, or buckets. The quicker you can remove the water, the less chance there is for severe water damage and mold growth. Concentrate on areas that experience the most water accumulation and are susceptible to the most damage, including furniture, wooden surfaces, and carpets.

Protect Your Belongings

Remove any sensitive or valuable items from the affected area. This encompasses furniture, electronics, and critical documents. To prevent additional harm, it is advisable to relocate these items to a secure, dry location. Your possessions can be safeguarded from irreparable damage by taking prompt action.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your home insurance provider of the burst water main as soon as possible.  Provide them with the documentation of the damage and any information about the plumbing repair service you’ve contacted. Your insurance company will provide you with guidance throughout the claims process and notify you of any coverage or assistance that may be available to you.

Plan for Burst Pipe Replacement

Once the plumber arrives and assesses the damage, they will likely recommend a burst pipe replacement. This is an essential step in the restoration of your plumbing system and the prevention of future problems. Talk to your plumber about the replacement options, including the materials that will be used, the estimated cost, and the timeline for the repair.

Need a Reliable Company?

Are you in need of a burst pipe replacement? Luckily, we at Trust Rooter Plumbing & Drain Cleaning have dedicated workers ready at your service. Contact our representatives for more questions.

Do You Need a Local Plumber in Broward and Palm Beach Counties? Reach Out to Trust Rooter Today!

Trust Rooter is a professional plumbing company that has built a reputation for offering reliable residential and commercial plumbing services. From drain cleaning to water heater maintenance, garbage disposal repair, water leak repair, faucet repair, and sewer drain repair, Trust Rooter is your go-to plumbing company for all of your plumbing needs.


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