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calendarSep 12,2023

The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Nothing can freak you out quite like a plumbing emergency. Whether it’s a backed-up plumbing fixture, an overflowing toilet, or a burst water pipe, a plumbing emergency can disrupt your routine and cause serious damage to your property. At Trust Rooter, we are renowned for offering prompt and reliable emergency plumbing services in the areas we serve. If you’re looking for a trusted emergency plumber, reach out to Trust Rooter. Here are the most common plumbing emergencies and what you can do to prevent further damage:

  1. Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can lead to significant water damage in your home. They often occur due to freezing temperatures, corrosion, or excessive water pressure. If you have a burst pipe in your home, turn off the main water supply to minimize damage. After you’ve taken the necessary measures to minimize damage, call a nearby emergency plumber for pipe repair.

  1. Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a messy and unpleasant emergency. It's normally caused by a clog, sewer line damage, a blocked vent pipe, and more. If your toilet is overflowing, quickly turn off the toilet's water supply and employ DIY techniques like plunging to resolve the issue. If the techniques do not work, reach out to a reliable plumbing service for professional toilet drain cleaning.

  1. Clogged Drains

This is one of the most common plumbing emergencies homeowners experience. Clogged drains can bring your household to a grinding halt and cause many other inconveniences. Whether it's a slow-draining sink, bathtub, or shower, it's essential to address the clog as quickly as possible to prevent backups and potential water damage.

  1. Sewer Backup

Sewer backups can lead to raw sewage entering your home. This is a severe health hazard and requires quick action to clear the blockage and clean up the mess.

  1. Water Heater Malfunction

When your water heater fails, you may be left with cold water for showers and cleaning. The last thing you want to be dealing with in the middle of winter is a malfunctioning water heater. It’s important to flush out your water heater annually and conduct a yearly inspection to keep your water heater in tip-top condition.

  1. Running Toilet

There are many reasons why your toilet may be running continuously. Some of the common causes include flapper valve problems, fill valve issues, cracked tank and more. A running toilet can waste a significant amount of water and increase your water bills. If you’re not comfortable with DIY toilet repair, reach out to a nearby plumbing service to fix the problem.

  1. Sump Pump Failure

If you have a basement or crawl space with a sump pump, its failure can result in flooding during heavy rains. You don’t want to take chances when it comes to the condition of your sump pump. A malfunctioning sump pump is a disaster in waiting, especially during heavy rains.

  1. Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are hazardous and require prompt action to avert a disaster. If you smell gas in your home or suspect a gas leak, evacuate the premises and call your gas company or emergency services.

  1. Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater can lead to water damage and decreased efficiency. If you see water dripping from the tank or pooling under the unit, turn off the water and gas supply to the heater and call a friendly plumber for repair or replacement.

Professional Emergency Plumbing Services

When you run into a plumbing emergency, reach out to the team at Trust Rooter. Our emergency plumbers are ready to respond promptly, assess the situation, and make the necessary repairs to restore your plumbing to good working order.

Do You Need a Local Plumber in Broward and Palm Beach Counties? Reach Out to Trust Rooter Today!

Trust Rooter is a professional plumbing company that has built a reputation for offering reliable residential and commercial plumbing services. From drain cleaning to water heater maintenance, garbage disposal repair, water leak repair, faucet repair, and sewer drain repair, Trust Rooter is your go-to plumbing company for all of your plumbing needs.


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