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Shower and Bathtub Repair Services

Expert Shower and Bathtub Repair Services

If you are looking for shower or Bathtub repair or replacement services in Broward or Palm Beach Counties, you have come to the right place. Some things cannot be repaired effectively. Things like the bathtub and the shower often require total replacement. Structural damage and large water leakages are some of the common issues leading up to replacements rather than repairs. If you are currently experiencing this, you can be assured that our years of experience and technical know-how will ensure that your existing shower/tub is removed and replaced with a new one.

Installing a new shower/tub can be demanding and should be left for the expert management of a professional. Trust Rooter is one of such professionals you can look out for in handling your plumping replacements or repairs. We have all the adequate experience needed in managing other plumbing issues in addition to the replacement of showers/tubs we offer.

Bathtub repair and replacement

Bathtub and Shower repair Services

plumber replacement a shower

Do you experience common issues with your bathtub and shower? Is a replacement the best choice?

A number of issues can be easily repaired, and this can lead to saving more money. Talking about bathtubs, leakages is one of the common issues that arise with the use of this fixture. Bathtub leakages are often as a result of the tub’s hairline crack. We handle issues like these with relative ease and we will save you more money. Some of the common issues we do solve in the repair of bathtub and showers are:

  • Leaking showerheads or faucets
  • Standing water as a result of clogged drains
  • Leaking bathtubs from holes and small cracks
  • Broken showerheads or faucets

If you want to book an appointment to get an estimate on the replacement and the repair of your bathtub or shower installation, reach out to us via (833) 346-8787. Our bathtub and shower services are offered in Palm Beach and Broward, FL area.

Who to call for a shower repair or replacement

We know that tubs and showers are common sources of leakages in the household. Our team at TRUST ROOTER specializes in every type of repair job and our services are available all round the clock to get your tub leakages fixed or shower repair. Some of the equipment we replace and install includes:

  • Tub/shower combinations
  • Standard bathtubs
  • Stand-alone showers
  • Hot tubs
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs

A number of materials are used in making bathtubs of different sizes and shapes, making it difficult for homeowners to determine the best option to suit their tastes, needs, and budgets. We have experts who can fully breakdown all the available options to help your decision-making process. The procedure will be free of stress and worry, taking old fixtures off your building and getting you a replacement that you will love to have.

Our professional plumbers can replace your present shower heads with eco-friendly aerating alternatives as well as install a faucet for bathtub. The ecofriendly heads make use of a lesser amount of water while the pressure level is maintained, resulting in a great blend for your wallet and the environment.

To learn more about our services, or to book an appointment, Reach out to us right away.