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Water Leak Detection In Lantana

Your Trusted Water Leak Detection Service in Lantana and Surrounding Areas

When you need water leak detection in Lantana, you want to know the company will arrive fast and solve your problem even faster. Trust Rooter is your best choice since we offer same-day service in most cases and are the clear-cut leader in leak detection and repair service at a great price!

A water leak can and will cause serious damage to your property. And it is under your slab that can even cause long-term structural damage. So it is important to find the leak as soon as possible and have it repaired with as little demolition as possible.

This saves you time, stress, and most of all money. Trust Rooter is A Plus rated by the BBB and offers 24/7 emergency service. Call today to experience the Trust Rooter difference. 

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Symptoms of Slab Leakges

  • Unusually high water bill: A high bill is one of the common signs that there is a leakage in your home. Still, this does not also mean that the leakage is beneath the foundation. Look beneath your sink to identify leaking pipes and check your faucets out. If the water bill is still high, it could signify the excessive loss of water from somewhere else in the building. If you observe your home plumbing to be intact, the problem may be from a leak underneath the foundation.
  • Wet or warm spots on the floor: A strange small puddle or warm spot on the floor of any part of the building may be observed if warm water leaks from a pipe underneath the foundation.
  • Running-water sound: As water travels around your building, hearing the sounds is quite normal. It only becomes an issue when you hear sounds of running water and cannot pinpoints its source, either to a faucet or to any other appliance. This is a sign that you are experiencing leakage.
  • Carpet mold or mildew: If the foundation gets saturated, there might be a leakage of moisture into the house, resulting in carpet molds.
  • Buckling or Cracking foundation: A leakage may result in the buckling of your foundation. If that occurs, it may give rise to visible cracks on the walls, floor, and outside areas of the home.
Plumber leak detection under slab in Lantana

Detecting and fixing slab leakages

water leak detection equipment in Lantana

A slab leakage results from a pipe break underneath the foundation of your home. Water finds its way into the ground, eventually reaching the foundation when a pipe breaks. It can take place in both sewer lines and water pipes. Detecting slab leakages can pose to be a challenge, so why not give us a call right away at (833) 346-8787, and let us solve your plumbing issues.

The damages caused by slab leakages can prove to be costly making it vital that it should be detected at its early stages. For early detection, homeowners must recognize the warning signs attached to the type of leakage taking place.

If you reside in Palm Beach County or Broward and you suspect a leakage in your home, you can rest assured that the experts from TRUST ROOTERS will track and arrest the leakage from its source. Checking your property as fast as possible is essential to prevent a great deal of damage to your property and it is noteworthy that the problem becomes more difficult to address if left to linger over time.

Experience The TRUST ROOTER Difference

1.Rapid response to slab leakages

If you do suspect a leakage, we will attend to you as fast as possible to find the leak and assess the cause and damage. We will also provide repair options that will suit your situation and budget.

2.Slab leakage warning signs

Warm or damp patches on the floor, the sound of water running from an unidentifiable source, a bloated utility bill as well as intermittent or low water pressure are some warning signs that can indicate slab leakages. If you have noticed any of these in any area of your property, TRUST ROOTER will be there right away to quickly ascertain the exact issue.

water leak by meter in Lantana

3.Slab leak professionals

Detecting water leaks under a slab is no joke. That is why we take it upon ourselves to be fully equipped and give our plumbing professionals the latest trainings. TRUST ROOTER is fully insured and licensed with a great history for repairing leakages in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

4.Leak detection technology

Treating slab issues require much care and precision. That is why our experienced experts make use of leak detection technologies to diagnose and repair leakages. We guarantee that the problem will be effectively addressed, saving you money and time.

5.Guaranteed workmanship

We guarantee the highest quality of service as every aspect of our workmanship is covered by a well-documented warranty.

6.Up-front pricing

Our up-front pricing system is clear and not confusing. It aims at making your decision-making process simple.

7.Satisfaction guaranteed service

Our services at TRUST ROOTER is beyond compare. We are sure to meet up with your expectations and exceed them. As we understand the needs of our clients, we handle them in the most friendly and professional manner possible.

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Diagnosing your drainage system problem can be difficult without the proper diagnostic equipment.  Locating the problem could cost thousands of dollars and leave your property in shambles.

In many cases, a video sewer inspection can quickly diagnose a drainage problem cost-effectively. This state-of-the-art tool actually crawls through your drainage system to pinpoint the location of the problem. This helps your Trust Rooter plumber develop a plan of action, which can solve the problem without breaking the bank.

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