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Hydro Excavation Tunneling Sewer Drain

Professional Hydro Excavation Tunneling Sewer Drain

Hydro excavation tunneling is an excavation method is one with a non-destructive nature and makes use of water under pressure to make the earth turbulent and to create a vacuum that is powerful enough to eliminate debris and expose the underground utilities, sewer drains, and pipelines safely underneath your house. Besides the fact it is environmentally friendly, it is also far more cost-effective, cleaner, and far less invasive than conventional excavating to repair your sewer drain

When You Need A Profesinal Hydro Exacavation

Broward and Palm Beach, like other cities, need tunnels for the installation of cables (including fiber optics), telephone lines, pipes and all other utilities situated underground. To dig these tunnels, however, services of professional plumbing companies are needed to use the process of hydro vac excavation to create tunnels. In comparison with traditional methods, hydro excavation involves a safe, reliable, and efficient process where sensitive infrastructure is involved. The process is also of less negative environmental impact. Trust Rooter is your hydro excavation tunneling professional in Broward and Palm Beach counties 

Hydro excavation plumbing truck

Tunnuling Under House To Replace Sewer Drain

The traditional methods of tunneling involves mechanical or manual digging. Apart from being a back-breaking and time-consuming process, this poses a risk of causing damage to utilities that are underground. Yet it almost, if not totally, is impossible to manually dig a precise tunnel. On the other hand, hydro excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process that uses a vacuum of industrial strength and pressurized water to excavate the earth and simultaneously remove soil. The water and soil are then transferred by the vacuum into a debris tank. This process, therefore, results in excavations that are fast, safe and precise, and which require less labor, backfill, and restoration. TRUST ROOTER hydro excavation plumbing service not only enhances safety, it also has been proven to promote cost and time savings for our clients.

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Daylighting/potholing is a process where underground utilities are exposed or excavated using the hydro excavation method. This method is time-saving and cost-friendly. It can be employed in digging holes for installing fences, signs and telephone poles, to mention a few.


Slot trenching

This involves the digging of narrow trenches with hydro excavation, in order to install cables or pipes. This method works quickly and safely, even for frozen surfaces. It helps in underground utility location and installation of sprinkler systems while avoiding having to damage previously installed systems or lines.

Plumber working in a tunnel
Tunnel sewer drain job

Debris removal

Debris can be removed and structures cleaned without damaging surrounding areas, using hydro excavation. It is ideal for removing sludge, cleaning basin and spills.


Excavation of Piling hole

Hydro excavation works appropriately for excavating piling holes with precision. Holes with different depths and diameters are required for the excavation of the piling hole. With hydro excavation, the entire process can be completed safely.

Digging in Cold Weather 

Because trucks used for hydro excavation have heaters mounted in them, work can go on even when the weather is cold. This is environment-friendly since it avoids traditional methods of ground thawing which use wood and coal burning. It also avoids the mess you would get with conventional excavating. The fact is beside the fact it makes a mess and can leave your property scared for years to come. 


Remote digging

Equipment for hydro excavation can be situated away from the excavation site. For tight spaces and sites that are traffic-congested, this technique is very effective. While digging tunnels, trenches, or holes, hydro excavation makes sure a place remains beautiful at the end of an excavation exercise.