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Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Professional Garbage Disposal Repair And Installation Services

If you are searching for professional garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal installation you have come to the right place. Cleaning up and washing dishes in the kitchen has never been this easy. All thanks to the garbage disposal. Are you looking towards installing a new garbage disposal or replacing a damaged one? TRUST ROOTER is here to help you out. We will ensure the safe installation of your garbage disposal unit as well as check all the essential GFCI wiring and outlet during the process of installation. Our first-time approach is spot-on, so you can rest assured of no leakages or surprises whatsoever.

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Common Issues To Repair a Garbage Disposal

Debris in the disposal. Many customers will wash food down the drain after each meal and only run the disposal once. This is not a good practice. In order to keep your unit properly working, your disposal should be turned on any time debris enters the disposal and flush with water

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Won’t Drain. The unit may not be chopping food the way it should and too much food waste placed into your sink at once can cause your garbage disposal to clog, or the food can get jammed in the blades.

Leaks. This normally happens wen the kitchen drain is clog or worn out seals allow waste and odors to escape, potentially causing wet work areas.

Jams. Food can get jammed in the blades. Also olds disposal have a wick motor getting jam very easy.

Nothing Happens. We find is when the motor to your garbage disposal is making no sound at all. In some cases, you can simply fix this problem by hitting the red reset button that is located on the bottom of the unit

Faulty motor: Is your disposal unit’s motor failing to work? When this happens, the unit will stop working in the middle of use or else fail to turn unit on entirely.

Best Way and Tips to Maintain a Healthy Garbage Disposal

  • Be sure to run water at the same time your garbage disposal is turned on; this minimizes the risk of clogging your drain.
  • Avoid putting egg shells, fibrous or starchy waste, rice, pasta, grease, and bones into the unit. Examples of items that cannot be sufficiently broken down are vegetables featuring tough or fibrous peels. Avoid throwing them down your drains!
  • Run only cold water through a disposal to avoid overheating the unit. Never pour cooking oils, or dressings down kitchen drain as they solidify inside of pipes.
  • Never run your disposal dry – always run water while it is in use. Running it dry is the fastest way to burn out the motor

Disposal repair tips
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The installation or repair cost of garbage disposal

  • The installation cost of a garbage disposal unit varies. This is as a result of some factors including the proximity of wiring or an outlet, the design of a sink flange to accommodate a garbage disposal, etc. The final cost of installation depends on such factors.
  • Your current sink set up, warranty options, and labor rates will factor into your final price
  • Extensive damage may require electrical work or structural repair for after a bad leak. “Depending on local code requirements, your new disposal may require the installation of a means of disconnect

Do You Need Professional Service? Can You Fix Your Garbage Disposal By Your Self?

Because garbage disposals feature blades, it can be dangerous to try to repair on your own. An entire afternoon to locate and finish simple repairs, so include that in the cost when choosing to take care of the problem without professional help. Our plumbing professionals are trained to install virtually all models and kinds of garbage disposal units. We take extra steps to configure your system to accept a new disposal system if the need arises. We service both Broward and Palm Beach counties and we guarantee that you will not experience any form of leakages and damage to water when you contact us at (954) 707-6556.