Smart managers and business owners know how valuable it is to ensure the restrooms are operational customers and employees. Commercial grade toilets are equipped with Flushometers, which provide a reliable, powerful and sustainable flushing system. Unlike residential flush toilets, these toilets are tamper-proof and they clog less. TRUST ROOTER plumbing professionals are fully equipped to install, maintain and repair Flushometer urinal and toilet systems for your commercial centers. You can reach us via (833)-346-8787.

Commercial Flushometer Urinal repair
Commercial Flushometer Toilets Installation

The increasing demand for water conservation around the world, which is taking more priorities, has led to the popularity of highly efficient urinals and toilet systems. This is especially so as they have been identified to make use of less water.  When a restroom is equipped with such advanced urinal and toilet flushometers, seeking out the use of such restrooms gets easier when nature calls. This equipment has transitioned from a manual quiet flush to sensor-operated models.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Include:

How does the flush valve and the flushometer differ from each other?

The flush valve is one of the tank-style toilet’s component. Whereas, the flushometer is found in commercial urinals and restrooms as a metering valve. It can be described as a flush valve used commercially.

The Sloan valve functions in what way?

The Sloan valve operates by equalizing the chamber pressures above and beneath the diaphragm. Fundamentally, water runs until it fills the top chamber. The flow timing can be adjusted by the flow-ring.  The flow-ring is directly placed beneath the diaphragm. It is a plastic ring. Zurn and Sloan are both manufacturers of flow-rings, with designs covering 1; 1.6; 3.5 & 4.5 GPF.

Should I take any caution when making use of a low consumption china with a high volume valve?

Yes, you must take caution when making use of high volume flush on a china with low consumption. The volume as a result of pressure may escape through the installed vacuum breaker assembly. You can make use of the V651 vacuum repair kit if that happens, rather than the V551 vacuum repair kit. Ensure that you upset the valve’s balance as well as its self-cleaning element when using the screw of the shut-off valve as a throttle. As they often relapse frequently, throttled flush valves demand more attention and conditioning. When a 1.6 gallons per flush is used on a flush toilet of 3.5 gallons, the opposite applies.

What Is The Dual flush valve?``

This valve provides users with the option of flushing, using the highest water amount permitted by law (i.e. 1.6 gallons per flush in the US) or a lesser amount of water.