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How often do You Need Backflow Testing & Certification

Backflow testing and certification in Broward and Palm Beach County; must be tested every year by a backflow tester certified by the County. Any individual who tests, repairs, or installs testable backflow prevention assemblies within Broward County must possess a current County backflow tester certification. 

If you have received a mail from the water department requiring you to test your backflow preventer assambly, you can rely on us to take care of it for you quickly and efficiently.

We have come to find that the better educated customers are about what backflow preventers do, the more they understand what they are paying for. On this page we have included some useful information along with pictures



Plumber backflow testing

All devices that are tested get tagged when the testing is complete. Whether it passes or failed TRUST ROOTER will put a tag on the device stating the date of the test & whether the device passed or failed.

We do all the backflow testing paper work for you

backflow testing and certification

Not only do we re-certify your backflow preventer, we will submit all of the necessary paperwork with the water department, mailing copies back to you. The expert plumbers at TRUST ROOTER are fully certified to test, install, certified and repair all commercial backflow prevention devices. 

While many professional plumbers are qualified to handle most plumbing jobs, you should make sure that you hire a commercial plumber who is fully certified in backflow prevention to install and inspect your device.

 Our backflow specialists are trained and certified in the testing and repair of all sizes and brands of backflow equipment. We are also up to date on all the latest developments to help ensure your water supply is safe from backflow contamination. 


What is a Backflow Prevention Device and Why Test It?

Water distribution systems are designed with the intention of water flowing in one direction from the water meter supply to the consumer home. However, conditions arise from either the supplier or the consumer that deviate from the regular conditions causing water to flow in the opposite direction. This is what we called backflow.

A backflow device prevents contamination in potable water. There are more than 1500 cases of backflow contamination reported each year in florida, which can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. The Environmental Protection Agency requires that local agencies be responsible for maintaining the purity of the water. As a result, most local counties or water suppliers require backflow prevention devices be tested annually.


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