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Backflow Preventer Repair and Installation

When you need backflow preventer repair or installation call the experts at Trust Rooter. Your familys safety is our number 1 priority plain and simple. We have years of experience in all facets of plumbing and can service or install almost every make of backflow preventer. 

What Is A Backflow Preventer?

An assemblage for backflow prevention is a device that is used to keep drinking water safe from being polluted or contaminated by backflow. It prevents water within private plumbing systems from having to flow back to the public plumbing system. Backflow prevention devices aim towards protecting contaminated water back-pressure and back-siphonage into public portable water supply. At TRUST ROOTER, we specialize in installation, inspection, and repair of backflow preventer systems.

Usually, systems for the supply of public water maintain sufficient pressure to allow water flow from showers, other water fixtures, and taps. Sometimes though, water pressure might reduce as a result of pipe freeze, water burst fails, or high unexpected demands on the system. In any such situation, water with low pressure in pipes can cause contaminated water from leaking sewage, storage tanks, the soil, or from other sources to be drawn into the water system.

 Inspection of Backflow Preventer

Every time a backflow preventer is replaced or repaired, or once every year, it is necessary to perform backflow testing. The inspection of backflow preventer must be done by an individual with a tester-only certificate who can only test, but not replace or repair, or preferably, a plumber of the Florida state plumbing board who has been licensed, with Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) endorsement.

Repairs of Backflow Preventer

If a backflow preventer fails the field inspection, it must be changed to the original factory specifications. Repairs of backflow preventers must be performed by a Florida state plumbing board plumber with a Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) endorsed license. A person who is certified as “tester-only” cannot do backflow preventer repairs.

Plumber installing a backflow

Installation of Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers are meant to prevent water that is contaminated from entering the system for drinking water. Backflow preventer installation must be carried out by a Florida state plumbing board plumber who has a Master plumbing license with a Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) endorsement. Tester-only certified technicians cannot install an assembly for backflow prevention.

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Here are some questions that are frequently asked about backflow prevention.

Backflow is a reverse water flow into contaminating water lines. Usually, Municipalities keep water quality controlled until it reaches private property. Thereafter, water quality might be contaminated or degraded within private property. During backflow, water within private property pulls or pushes back to the central drinking water source. On smaller scales, backflow can isolatedly occur within the confines of one private property where water in sprinkler systems, for example, is pulled or pushed back into the main supply containing drinking water.

Backpressure (pushing back of water) or back-siphonage (pulling back of water) in any plumbing system are the basic causes of backflow. Back siphonage happens when loss or fluctuation of pressure in water occurs, causing a “reverse or back siphon.” Sudden uses of large quantities of water, such as hydrants for open fire, and water main breaks are common causes of back-siphonage.

Backpressure occurs when the water force in private dwelling property overcomes the city water system pressure. Backpressure, though attributed often to pumps, could also be a result of tall buildings because of the weight and height of the water column given. As the name implies, backflow preventers are directed toward preventing backpressure and/or siphonage.

Backflow preventer assemblies or systems are mechanical systems that are installed into home plumbing systems. Tested and installed Preventer with springs and rubber checks inside will stop water from reversing in its flow.

Yes. This test or inspection is required every year.

Florida State mandates the installation and annual inspection of backflow preventers by a tester certified for backflow prevention.

Either an individual who has a tester-only certificate (such a person is allowed to inspect, not to replace or repair) or a plumber of the Florida State plumbing board who has a license endorsed with Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS).

When homeowners fail to comply with State law as regards inspection, there could be a shutting-off of water service.

Yes, water flow will temporarily be stopped. Inspection of backflow preventers will need water to remain off for 15 minutes to half an hour while the inspection occurs.

Prevention of Backflow

A device for backflow prevention is most commonly made up of check values mechanic in nature which prevents the backward flow of contaminated water to a supply of clean water when there is a drastic or unexpected alteration in the water pressure. With proper installation and maintenance, drinking water will be kept safe and contaminate free by the preventer.

Backflow Testing

Valves in the assembly for backflow prevention have to be inspected yearly in order to maintain local laws and to ensure the proper operation of the system. When backflow is not timely done, your supply of clean water could be interrupted and your enterprise could be subject to fines.

Quality Service

Our technicians at TRUST ROOTER can perform yearly installation, certification, testing, repairs of backflow prevention devices. The technician will also handle all the necessary paperwork related to your inspection, and then remind you timeously when you are due for a backflow test so that your property continues in municipal water authority standard.

A backflow expert at TRUST ROOTER can also help in inspecting your home plumbing system for verification that you have the proper device(s) for backflow on your property.

Call today at (833) 346-8787 to schedule a backflow test and trust TRUST ROOTER in keeping your water and property safe.