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We are proud to be part of the Hollywood Florida community as your trusted Plumber in Hollywood. The team at Trust Rooter is dedicated to getting the job done quickly, safely, and affordably. We understand just how quickly plumbing issues can seriously cause property damage. That is why our experienced plumbers are focused on finding your problem quickly with cutting-edge tools and services. From annual leak detection services to plumbing emergencies, we are only a phone call away. Trust us for all your plumbing, water heater, and drain cleaning needs in Hollywood, FL, and Broward County. We guarantee long-term solutions that leave you 100% satisfied.

Need a Plumber in Hollywood Florida? 

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Why Choose Trust Rooter for Your Hollywood Plumbing Needs? 

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Emergency Service
  • Available 24/7
  • Family Owned
  • Friendly Uniformed Professionals
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Annual Maintenance Agreement
  • Technician Training Courses Update
  • Drug-Free Work Place Policy
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Do You Perform Water Leak Detection Services In Hollywood?

  • PRO DIAGNOSIS AND SERVICE. We can diagnose and locate leaks that homeowners without the proper know-how or equipment otherwise couldn’t. This also avoids addressing areas that were unnecessary.
  • PREVENT MAJOR PROBLEMS.  Homeowners, usually want to know they are keeping their homes in good condition. Water leaks can cause a lot of expensive damage over time (i.e.mold, weakening beams, floorboards, and destroying walls).
  • SAVE MONEY. Leaks can cost you serious money not just on your water bill, where even a small dripping leak can be costing you every month. And even if you are on a well, chances are that you pay for energy to draw the water from the well. If you have a leak, your water pump has to continually work to replace the water being lost in the plumbing.
  • PREVENT MOLD OR INSECTS.  Termites and other insects thrive in moist, dark areas that might have been where there was a plumbing leak. It is the same for mold, many types of fungus will grow where dampness is present.

Do You Need Drain Cleaning In Your Hollywood Florida Property?

Drain lines sadly are a little like arteries, as they age they tend to become narrower. Over the years, soap, grease, paint, and other normal everyday products can build on the walls of your drainage system causing it to narrow and clog more often. A good professional snake can improve these situations but more often than not hydro jetting is hands down the best long-term solution to get a drain line flowing like new.

To find signs that a drain cleaning is needed simply watch your water flow out of the drain. If it is swift you are probably ok, but if you notice it backs up even after a good snake and cleaning at the sink, it is a very good idea to call a plumber to have the job done right. There are more horror stories than can be counted about people renting machines and breaking pipes. When it is all said and done, the minimal cost of hiring a professional like Trust Rooter is well worth the cost.

Water Heater Repair and Installation Plumber in Hollywood Florida 


plumber in Hollywood Florida water heater serviceThere are very few things in your home that are more important than hot water. Simply put we use it for bathing, washing dishes, and cleaning; so if you do not have a great supply your property is essentially unusable. If you have no hot water more often than not the cause is usually your hot water heater. Do not panic, because our experts can be on the way to get you back into that hot shower fast without it costing a small fortune.

Various Types Of Water Heaters Trust Rooter Services in Hollywood Are:

1. Standard Or Conventional Water Heaters

There are two standard or conventional water heaters, electric or gas. These heaters have an insulated storage tank that will store the hot water until needed. The temperature is regulated by a thermostat and for safety, these units have a pressure release valve to prevent an explosion.

2. Gas Water Heaters 

Gas water heaters burn gas to heat your water and are considered very efficient compared to other models. Also, the time for the water to heat is much faster with a gas water heater. But a gas water heater must have a vent pipe to remove the exhaust gasses from the unit. They can be a bit more expensive, but in the long haul, they are much less costly to run.

3. Electric Water Heaters 

Electric water heaters use one or two heat elements to heat the water and are quite simple to maintain. The fact that they use a lot of costly electricity can be problematic even though the initial expense is less than a gas or oil-fired water heater.

4. Tankless Water Heaters 

Tankless water heaters heat water on demand therefore, they can be more efficient, especially in houses with low water usage. They are also much smaller than conventional water heaters because they do not store hot water. They can be a bit pricey up front, but in the long, a tankless water heater is by and far your least expensive alternative. Trust Rooter is a leading tank-less water heater plumber in Hollywood Florida.

Lift Station Pump Repair and Replacement 

If your property has a lift station pump system you may be aware it requires regular service. When you hear an alarm it usually means there is a problem with the system that needs immediate attention. This is a good time to call the experts at Trust Rooter to help you solve the problem. Our team can quickly assess the problem and in many cases, it is simply a blockage that simply needs cleaning. But in the rare case that a pump replacement is necessary we have the experience to install your new pump quickly and get your property back to a fully functional home.

At Trust Rooter, we specialize in cleaning drains, performing leak detection, repairing water heaters, and more. So call us today at (954) 707-6556 to receive prompt service in Coral Springs. 

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