Faucet and Sink Repair and Installation

Arguably, the kitchen can be described as the home’s most important room. It is the place where food is prepared and the family gathers to eat.  When the faucet or kitchen sink is all out of sorts, a wrench is thrown in the whole process.

There are different styles and types of sink faucets, and we at TRUST ROOTER, know exactly how to fix them all. We also offer installation services for new faucets. We are completely confident that any repair type given to us will be fully handled in no time, and we never disappoint.

Differentiating faucets through their inner mechanism:

  • Disc. This is found in bathrooms and kitchen. They are identified by a wide cylindrical body with a single lever moving on it.
  • Compression. Often found in utility sinks and older homes, they have two handles designated for cold and hot water. They require tightening to stop water flow.
  • Ball. Commonly used in kitchens, these single handle faucets moves over a round cap, which is found above the faucet base.
  • Cartridge. Cartridge faucets with double handles are quite common in sinks of bathrooms. Designated to control hot and cold water, these faucets move in fluid motion without requiring added pressure. Cartridge faucets with single handles are similar in appearance to ball or disc faucets, although they move sideways to regulate temperature and up-down to regulate the volume of water.
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Our services cover any type of sinks. If the repair involves ordering a faucet part specifically, we will do just that and fix the sink on the arrival of the faucet.

What we do

If you cannot determine your sink type or style, you do not have to worry. On assessment, TRUST ROOTER will identify and repair your broken sinks. We completely guarantee that our service delivery is the best you can get.

We at TRUST ROOTER are here to help

Our plumbing professionals are eager to render their services and solve any issues concerning your sink. We offer repair services to your faucets and sinks in Palm Beach and Broward County. We are fully insured and licensed and guarantee you the highest level of services possible.

Faucet and Sink Repair

If your bathroom or kitchen faucet is acting up do not delay to call us right away. Our plumbing professionals are fully equipped to correct any leakages underneath your kitchen sink or in your bathroom. Our services cover a wide range of bathroom or kitchen faucets including Kohler, Delta, Pfister, American Standard, Moen, etc. Our services will offer the best solutions to your problems depending on your budget. We can also replace a part in the faucet to get it running at optimum speed again. This is not always the case as a complete replacement may be the only possible solution in some cases.  Our expert opinions will help you make a decision.

New Faucets and Sink installations

Reach out to us immediately if you are working on a bathroom or kitchen remodeling or you only want to replace the outdated fixtures around your home. We will ensure that your desired style is achieved from our selected modern faucets. These include touch and touchless, pull-out, commercial style, wall and counter mount, rustic style and antique, chrome, old rubbed bronze as well as brushed nickel faucets.

Sink Installation

Our experienced professionals guarantee the complete installation of any sink type, including vanity, drop-in or pedestal sink. You can rest assured of receiving the best service as our professionals are committed to customer satisfaction and excellence. We are your dependable choice for your sink installations!

Faucet & Sink repair or installation
Faucet & Sink repair or installation

Faucet Repair

Faulty faucets can lead to massive leakages. It is responsible for the loss of about 2000 water gallons every year. Leaky faucets are common plumbing issues in many homes. It results in water and money wastage and leads to frustration. However, there is a way out. TRUST ROOTER plumbing experts are experienced with faucet repairs in South Florida. We will handle your leaky faucets. While repairing faucets is not always possible, a replacement might be the right way out. The valve may be too worn out for repair because of unfixable cracks. Still, reach out to us today, and let our experts assess the leakage to help determine the right solution for your faucet problem. You can rest assured that a cost-effective solution will be realized in the long term. Call us via (833) 346-8787.