According to the National Association of Home Builders, nearly 96% of homes built in Florida are built on concrete slab foundations. These slab foundations are responsible for bearing the entire weight of your home, keeping groundwater out, and acting as a barrier for all potential vapors that could seep into your home. These slab foundations also house the water lines and sewage lines for your home.

One of the most common reasons concrete slab foundations fail is because of slab leaks. If one of those lines springs a leak, water will collect beneath your home. That water can damage your concrete foundation and compromise your home’s structural integrity.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

There are three common causes of concrete slab leaks, which include:

  • Long-term corrosion of copper pipes.

  • Poor installation or damage during construction. This makes your pipes more vulnerable to leaks.

  • Shifts in the foundation. Earthquakes can weaken pipes or put pressure on pipes that were already weak.


How To Detect a Slab Leak

If you suspect a leak, find it and fix it quickly to avoid damaging your concrete foundation. Here are some common leak indicators:

  • Rising water bills

  • Moving water meter dial even though no water is presently running

  • Mildew or moisture underneath your carpet

  • Standing water outside of your house

  • Poor water pressure

  • Cracks in the baseboards or walls

Don’t risk the integrity of your home’s foundation. If you suspect that your home could have a leak, contact the leak detection experts at TRUST ROOTER 954-707-6556

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